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CA Health Insurance Rate Increases Again in 2019

If you're like many individuals in California, chances are you're paying for some kind of health insurance, either out of your own pocket or through your employer. Health insurance rates from 11 carriers were just released in August and the rate increase on average for 2019 is 8.7 percent and like most things the rate is slightly higher if you're living in the County of San Francisco.

For many of us not having health insurance is not an option, especially if you have health issues, or a family. If you're in the market to shop for a better rate for 2019 we at JC Adviser can help you with finding a plan that fits your budget and needs.

We're appointed with most of the health insurance carriers in CA and we're also Covered CA Certified. You can also get your health insurance premiums subsidized if you qualify.

Contact Jimmy Cheung with JC Adviser at 650-549-5379 or jimmy@jcadviser for a quote today!

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