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7 Smart Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While You're Away

Summer is here and many of us are going to be hitting the road and skies and the last thing you want to see is a burglarized home when you return. Your trip was expensive enough, now it's even more expensive. Here are 10 smart tips to keep you home safe while you're away.

1) Eliminate shrubs from hiding windows: so burglars have no where to hide if they want to peek through your home.

2) Install automatic lights and sensors: having an automatic timer installed will turn your lights when you're not home to give an impression that you're actually home.

3) Get a dog: or make it look like you own one, because burglars hate


4) Refrain from social media: I know you can't help to share your vacation to all your friends and acquaintances, but telling the whole world that you're not going to be home in a few weeks is an open invitation for someone to break in to your home. Just wait until you return to share all your amazing pictures and videos online.

5) Have your mail picked-up daily: avoid having a stuffed mail box and telling people that passes by that no one's been home to get the mail.

6) Get a burglar alarm system: burglars will obviously thing twice if you have a burglar alarm. Make sure to have a sign in the front to let them know. Burglar alarms nowadays are fairly inexpensive and comes with free installation.

7) Send packages to work: since most deliveries happens during the day where most of us are at work, it just makes sense to have them delivered to where you're at. Unless you want someone else to pick-up your package.

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