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Have you heard of cyber insurance?

Do you have a business where you retain your customers information on a computer or server? Did you know if your customers personal information get's stolen your customers can sue you for any damages incurred.

You may be saying, " Doesn't my General Liability business insurance cover me for that?" The reality is without specifically adding a "Cyber Liability" coverage endorsement any data breach to your customers information is NOT covered.

As more and more information is digitally stored on computers, servers, and hard drives thieves no longer rob you physically, but digitally. They steal your information and sell it on the "Dark Web" for money.

Cyber Liability insurance coverage will save your business from a costly law suit if your customers information was ever compromised.

The giant retailer Target had to pay $18.5 million in damages for it's data breach that happened in 2013. If it can happen to Target it can sure happen to you.

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